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With increasing usage in mobile devices, applications are grabbing the market in every domain. Mobile apps are spread like wildfire which even attracts the commerce industry. mCommerce is resultant of such development that is quite vital for business owners to survive. It encourages great features to extend the business to new horizons.
Yes, mobile apps also give seller centric features. Just like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba the sellers can showcase products in marketplace. However, the mobile apps developed by Signal Prime offers additional advantage wherein the seller can manage products, orders and more with just an application.
The mobile app development structure is quite dynamic and involves ever-changing technologies that fascinate developers. Thus, creating an app involves multiple points of consideration like:

Interactive theme– The theme of the application must be engaging enough to attract audience.

Easy Navigation – The layout must encourage quick search features that lead to more conversion likewise add to cart button, category or product list.

Target audience identification – Any mobile app can only do wonders if it attracts right audience. Hence, it must have usable features for the targeted audience.
Signal Prime extends to helps its clients in any area. Thus, we create Native, Hybrid, and Web-based app.
The technology we use for Native apps are Kotlin/Java, Swift, and for Cross-platform apps, we use Flutter, React Native.
Mobile apps are the most essential to start a new business or uplift an existing one. Features like speed, accessibility, push notification reduces bounce rate and retain the customer. Thus, it helps to creation of brand loyalty.
Cost is one important factor you consider before buying anything. The price of a Mobile Apps development depends on the features and functionalities it has. You can check the price of Mobile Apps by contacting us via [email protected] or contacting one of our retail partners here.
Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Signalprime is an 14-Year-Old IT Company, we are an ISO 9001 & Microsoft certified company with expertise in Mobile Application Development. Signalprime has always believed in 100% client satisfaction by providing quality and aptly priced services. With a team of dedicated Mobile Application Developers, we have been serving our existing clientele with complete enthusiasm and have achieved what we aimed for. Now, we look forward to expanding our clientele and render our Mobile Application Development services to new clients. We also offer customized services, taking care of the individual needs of the clients and providing them with the best mobile applications.

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iOS App Development

Developing an iOS application is what our team does with ease, as we have numerous tools that make the whole process of development easier. The thrill to develop an iOS application and deploy it in the Appstore consumes our iOS App Development team from neck to toe. Helping you in developing an iOS application from scratch, you can trust our team of professionals working on the same.

Android App Development

Android OS has undoubtedly conquered the mobile device market ever since its arrival. With the ever-increasing sale of Android mobile devices, the demand for Android apps has also increased many folds. We at Signalprime, are deeply engaged in providing the best in class Android App Development services to all our clients. We understand the completion in the market and deliver accordingly, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Cross-platform Mobile App Development

The software companies in the markets render innumerable ways to develop an application for mobile phones. The reason behind the cross-platform app development is, a single application will work on multiple platforms. By the cross-platform app development, we not only provide the top class features but also saves time and cost of implementation for the customer as well as for the developer. Flutter and React Native is the most popular programming languages. These are used to trans-pile the single code base to the respective native apps like iOS and Android.

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