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Marketing of absence and presence in a simple way for salary processing

Employee’s payroll calculation and leave management

Keeping a tap on time theft

Tracking the attendance

Record hours of employees put into the work

Paperwork reduction and error elimination

Easy to get attendance reports for daily, weekly, monthly, or custom date range

Reduction of the burden from administration, Hr department, account department, etc

Preventing data manipulation

Improving overall work culture and productivity

Accessible data from any time, anywhere
Biometric fingerprint attendance system

Online attendance software

Proximity cards & Smart Card

RFID based attendance system

Facial recognition attendance system

GPS based attendance system

Mechanized system
Industrial Bio Lynx and Industrial Bio Star from Star Link are two of the best biometric attendance management system for businesses of any size.
Employees cannot manipulate the data. The attendance system takes the clock-in and clock-out time set in the attendance device.

For time offs/leave applications the employees can revoke (but can't edit) the unapproved applications. Once an application is submitted, the supervisors/HR will recommend or approve it. Employees can't revoke approved leave.

Employees can also view their persona profile but can't manipulate it. They can however request changes to their profiles.
We provide an online time attendance solution that is centralized. You can have employees all over the world.
Cost is one important factor you consider before buying anything. The price of a biometric attendance device depends on the features and functionalities it has. You can check the price of different attendance devices by contacting us via [email protected] or contacting one of our retail partners here.
Time Attendance devices do not necessarily need software. Our devices are standalone devices. You can easily pull reports from your device using a USB flash or drive. However, most customers require extended features like personnel management, real-time monitoring, shift management, payroll, meeting management, visitor management, database backup amongst a host of other functions. All these can be done via ZK BioTime 8.
Yes, it does. You can set different shift such as in hospitals and hotels. You can set different shifts like morning, day, evening and also you can specify day-offs and night offs.


Access Control & Time Attendance

Time Attendance registers have been a part of the corporate world for ages. Changing times and evolving technology have also brought about a change in the way employees mark their attendance. Moreover, with an increase in the enormity of businesses, change in work patterns of employees and more, attendance registers are just not competent enough for handling and managing error-less attendance data. The advancement in technology has brought on an efficient solution to this growing problem through automated Time-Attendance management system.

Up until now, the HR department, which handles attendance and salary processing of employees, faced many issues related to attendance. Incorrect, erroneous or faulty attendance data, in turn, affected the salary processing, which then led to dissatisfaction and a hit on employees’ morale. Having an automated system, such as a biometric attendance machine, helps in eliminating such issues efficiently. Furthermore, there are some definite perks for the HR department if having such a system in place.

Let us take a look at some of the key benefits of a Time-Attendance management system.

  1. No more Manual Errors: With registers in place, month ends always terrorize HR personnel, especially when they have to manually calculate and process salaries of employees. Employee attendance management software can prove to be a great help under such a scenario. The automated attendance system ensures the collection of accurate attendance data, which in turn leads to error-free salary processing and leave and attendance calculation of employees. Hence, an automated system can surely help in eliminating manual errors. Furthermore, the old and conventional attendance management systems can lead to manual errors. As a result, the salary of employees will be erroneous, which can have a great impact on employee morale. An automated Time-Attendance system, as discussed above can eliminate the chances of manual error, in turn boosting employee morale since they do not have to worry about receiving erroneous pay.
  2. No more Time Theft: For employees, ‘buddy punching’ is a far more common practice than we may realize. Employees may also manipulate and enter incorrect timings just to avoid having their pay cut because of late-ins or other such reasons. However, with a biometric machine for attendance in place, issues such as time theft and buddy punching are completely eliminated. The inability to manipulate their attendance details may also enforce discipline on employees, which again is a huge benefit for the organizations. Furthermore, automatic capturing of attendance data makes HR tasks much simpler.
  3. Enhanced Productivity: The employee attendance management software organizations can track productive hours of their employees quite easily. The software can also help HR personnel utilize their time in a more meaningful way, after better activities that would benefit the organization in return. Furthermore, it can also help organizations in improving their efficiency and labor management.
  4. Easy Access for Employees: The conventional attendance management methods make it difficult for employees to keep track of their attendance and leave details. A Time-Attendance software will make such information easily available for all employees, right on their desktops and even mobile phones. In turn, it will also make it easier for HR personnel, since employees would not come over asking for these details. Additionally, employees will be able to apply for leaves and tours directly through the software. They will also be able to keep track of whether their leave/tour application has been approved/rejected, how many leaves they have, etc.
  5. Easier Scheduling and Compliance: Many organizations have employees working in various shifts. Managing multiple shifts and accurate attendance of employees may become quite cumbersome for HR personnel. With an automated Time-Attendance management system in place, assigning shifts and managing attendance of employees working in different shifts becomes very easy. Furthermore, they can also define various attendance and leave policies for employees.
  6. Report Generation: An additional benefit for HR personnel of having an automated attendance system is report generation. Customized and informative charts and reports can be generated, which will further help them in effective decision making. The reports can be generated in various formats, such as PDF, EXCEL, WORD, RTF, etc.
  7. Payroll Integration: Payroll makes a major part of HR operations. Smooth and timely payroll is very important in order to maintain employee morale and satisfaction. The employee attendance management software can be integrated with third-party payroll software for error-free and timely processing of employees’ salaries. To conclude, an automated Time-Attendance system can definitely make HR operations smooth. Furthermore, it can also help organizations of all industries make cost-effective investments and improve their overall productivity. Integration of Time-Attendance systems with existing HR systems and payroll software can further help in streamlining HR functions.

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Time & Attendance:

Same as with access control our time and attendance technology offers a cloud solution and a lot of benefits delivering all the advanced technology needed. It is great for large or small businesses that want an effective solution for setting up schedules, monitoring employee attendance and accurately process payrolls. And yes, it can also be customized to meet any local rules and laws governing attendance systems, in fact it can be customized to any other requirements.


  • NFC
  • Facial Recognition and IRIS Scanner
  • Fingerprint
  • Barcode Laser
  • Keypad
  • RFID

Access Control:

smart access control is a complete cloud solution for managing and controlling access of members and non-members of organizations to the facilities. It delivers safety and accountability for all types of customers, from small business operations to large corporate premises. Our solution is flexible and can be highly customized, that is why we are also providing advanced many advanced features and adaptable solutions.

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