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LAN & WAN Solutions

As demands on wireless networks continue to increase, legacy infrastructures may struggle to deliver. Whether you are looking to implement a LAN or WAN solution as part of a larger infrastructure project or as a one-off deployment, Signalprime can assist you and at every stage with our end-to-end solutions.
Through our industry-leading partners, we will recommend the best LAN and WAN solution for your organisation. Our technical and support teams will then guide you through the network design, installation and post-deployment.

Wireless LAN

As trends such as mobility and BYOD continue to grow, the need for business Wi-Fi and wireless LANs capable of handling the rising number of devices on a single network has dramatically risen. Signalprime offer highly secure and scalable wireless solutions to meet these problems.
How old is your current network? A common problem that today’s businesses face is the age of their current wireless network. When facing today’s bandwidth demands, they often fall short and require significant upgrades in order to meet the current burden of high-density wireless over large areas.

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Signalprime has extensive experience in creating robust, rugged and weatherproof outdoor Wi-Fi for a wide range of customers in numerous vertical markets such as Ports, Hotels & Colleges. Our dedicated Ports expert engineer has experience of installing large outdoor networks which have provided us invaluable experience for designing and surveying for the outdoor environment.
Outdoor wireless networks are much harder to design for, so performing a site survey is very important. There are several types of outdoor wireless surveys; Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point, Mesh and WLAN.

Guest Wi-Fi Access

Today, leading companies are faced with providing network access for their customers, partners, vendors, contractors and other visitors. This expanded network access enables higher productivity, improved collaboration, and better service; however, it necessitates that a guest access policy is established to address increased network usage and security issues.
By implementing a broad-based solution to guest access, companies can control network access, eliminate ad hoc IT support requirements, track guest network usage and securely separate guest traffic from internal resources.
Signalprime can implement a secure guest Wi-Fi network in your organisation that runs on an SSID separate from your main wireless LAN. This will allow customers and clients to access the internet whilst on your premises, without having to grant them access to your main Wi-Fi network.