Advertising on television allows you to show and tell a wide audience your business, product, or service. It allows you to actually demonstrate the benefits of ownership. You can show how your product or service works and how it’s packaged so prospective customers will know what to look for at the point of sale. In advertising, it often takes multiple touch points to effectively influence consumers’ purchasing behavior.
Advertising on television offers the chance to reach mass audiences because watching TV is the nation’s most common leisure activity, according to WebSite Marketing Plan. Radio audiences tend to be more segmented because of the larger number of local stations compared with television. Because local TV stations are attractive, audiences are funneled into larger segments of people who will see your ad.

Businesses are better able to reach targeted audiences by purchasing ad spots during shows their intended demographic is likely to be watching.
Television advertising has the ability to show a product, demonstrate its use and the benefits of ownership or consumption. Well-executed TV advertising can persuade families to make instant decisions about purchasing products, according to Startup Biz Hub.
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