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Price increase for cPanel licenses

Price increase for cPanel licenses

Price increase for cPanel licenses

Starting on 1 September, cPanel will only offer its licenses on an account basis.

Until recently, cPanel customers could purchase a license for €25.13/month (without VAT), with which you could have an unlimited number of accounts on cPanel. From now on, though, prices will be based on the number of accounts.

New licenses starting on 1 September 2019

LicenseNo. of accountsPrice/month
cPanel 100up to 100€32.00
cPanel 150up to 150€34.50
cPanel 200up to 200€39.50
cPanel 250up to 250€44.50
cPanel 300up to 300€49.50
cPanel 350up to 350€54.50
cPanel 400up to 400€59.50
cPanel 450up to 450€64.50
cPanel 500up to 500€69.50
cPanel 600up to 600€79.50
cPanel 700up to 700€89.50
cPanel 800up to 800€99.50
cPanel 900up to 900€109.50
cPanel 1000up to 1000€119.50
cPanel 1500up to 1500€169.50
cPanel 2000up to 2000€219.50
cPanel 2500up to 2500€269.50

All prices above are without VAT.

Changes to old licenses

All old cPanel licenses will automatically be changed to the new system starting on 1 September 2019. If, for example, you have created 120 accounts on cPanel, your license will automatically be changed to “cPanel 150” on 1 September.

For this reason, we advise that you delete any cPanel accounts that are no longer in use before 1 September. If you are able to delete enough of them, you will pay a lower price level.

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