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MIS System

A management information system (MIS) is a computerized database of financial information organized and programmed in such a way that it produces regular reports on operations for every level of management in a company. It is usually also possible to obtain special reports from the system easily. The main purpose of the MIS is to give managers feedback about their own performance; top management can monitor the company as a whole. Information displayed by the MIS typically shows "actual" data over against "planned" results and results from a year before; thus it measures progress against goals. The MIS receives data from company units and functions. Some of the data are collected automatically from computer-linked check-out counters; others are keyed in at periodic intervals. Routine reports are preprogrammed and run at intervals or on demand while others are obtained using built-in query languages; display functions built into the system are used by managers to check on status at desk-side computers connected to the MIS by networks. Many sophisticated systems also monitor and display the performance of the company's stock.

Components of MIS

People – people who use the information system
Data – the data that the information system records
Business Procedures – procedures put in place on how to record, store and analyze data
Hardware – these include servers, workstations, networking equipment, printers, etc.
Software – these are programs used to handle the data. These include programs such as spreadsheet programs, database software, etc.

Why use Signalprime?

Signal prime solutions offer the unique , tailor made management information system(mis) development services for companies across the world. Our management information systme provide relevant data to ease your decision making;
it controls information overload by managing detailed facts and provides data clarity.MIS helps to measure the employee performance and enable to take decisions on organizational plans. It detects the problems and coordinates with the users to enable them to respond to the problems promptly.We support you in building a business-specific MIS application based on your organizational needs

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