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Centralized ERP System

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the business management software solution that is used by companies for collecting, storing, interpreting, and managing data from companies' activities such as product planning, marketing and sales, products and services delivery, budgeting and forecasting, and others. It is not surprising that in the epoch of IT technology more and more companies, including small businesses, are moving to new standards in their operations. To be competitive in the market, companies need to look for new ways of improving their profitability; and enterprise resource planning can really help them to achieve the desired results.


Signal Prime Security System L.L.C is a leading software provider that offers the comprehensive ERP solution, first of all, to companies who perform pre-order delivery, route sales or equipment service. Our ERP – suite of integrated applications – includes the state-of-the-art desktop and handheld operational modules that enable our clients to forecast, plan, optimize, and execute their business activities with more efficiency and effectiveness. Using our ERP proven technologies that provide features and tools for continued growth and success have helped each our customer to achieve success.

Why do companies choose the Signal Prime Security System L.L.C comprehensive resource planning software solution? The key benefit of our ERP software is its centralized basis.

The ERP system can be based on different platforms, including databases, data structures, storage systems and other. But, there are two main kinds of the ERP systems that differ their requests flows through the network from business needs to production: centralized and dеcentralized ERP systems.

Provided by us ERP software solution includes:

  • route accounting – a software system for pre-order delivery, route sales, and equipment services capturing records and costs sales transactions,
  • inventory control – a software system for tracking inventory, orders, sales, and deliveries,
  • dispatch – a software system for assigning route sales representatives and delivery drivers,
  • scheduling – a software system that helps to automate creating and maintaining a schedule,
  • mapping – a software system that converts the location data contained in a spreadsheet into an insight map,
  • inbound and outbound call center – a software system allowing a company to run a call center,
  • trucking – a software system integrated with dispatch and accounting software providing real-time information,
  • direct store delivery (DSD) – a software system that allows automating sales and delivery operations, and many other modules.
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